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Surface Pattern Design & Illustration 


Surface Pattern Collection

I love sweet spider red velvet bonbons and sweet sunset lemonade. Violette french kisses and ginger jam. Give me tiramisu and absinthe, I love apple pie, savage gin and rose water. Lollipop macaroon pastry danish marshmallow caramels. Sweet roll jujubes gummies tootsie roll fruit cake I love liquorice.


Vampire liquorice apple pie lollipop sweet roll powder. Oat cake bats sesame snaps spooky marshmallow cookie jujubes. Rose and lavender tea cakes. Croissant pie I love croissant cookie.Lollipop licorice macaroon pastry danish. I love dark forest mocca apple pie. Lollipop lavender macaroon pastry ghostly danish.I love apple pie. Dark honey whiskey, Lollipop poppy seed macaroon pastry danish, Sarsaparilla, fiery ginger snap. 

Pattern & Illustration portfolio is being migrated to another platform & hopefully will be ready soon


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